Bob Dylan is a modern Aeolian poet, which means he is an instrument of the air, of motion and spirit— the Romantic poets would be pleased. Astrologically, he is a Gemini, an air sign. And, as is common for the sign, he is a magician and a genius.

Robert Hunter with bestie Jerry Garcia, photo ©Jay Blakesburg

Grateful Dead Lyricist, American Poetry National Treasure

BY the time I first heard the space-driven, freeing journey that is the Grateful Dead classic “Dark Star”, by the first time I absorbed all its beguiling words and multitudes of jams, I was already mad for poetry. However, this song, its experimentalism, its wildness, and its writer kept poetry alive for me, when . . .well, when poetry could not.

Alex Ebert, Expert Story Monger : Photo by Erick Anderson

Bonnaroo Memories: EDWARD SHARPE & the MAGNETIC MIRACLE of Haden deRoberts

(Note: Since the writing of this essay, the subject, Haden Richard deRoberts, passed. Luckily, this footage of him, the miracle, and Get Swabbed for bone marrow movement he influenced still exists.)


Katherine Factor (MFA, Iowa) is a freelance writer and editor in Portland, Oregon. Twitter: @katherinefactor

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